What is Storycises?

Storycises™ is a progressive programme of movement skills presented in a story format for 4-5 year olds.  The stories are assigned specific days of the week and there is one set to use per term.  It is designed so that the movements in Term 1’s stories are a lot easier than those in Term 3.  Each term you will see that we have built on the same foundation skills by making the action a little more challenging or by introducing another element. 

We can’t emphasise enough, there’s no right or wrong way to present these stories.  Getting the children to participate and enjoy is the first goal, the quality of the movements is the second and with that will come improvement in skill level. 

Teachers involved with this project so far report that the children showed particular improvement in the following areas:

  •  listening skills
  • focus and ability to sit still 
  • pencil skills
  • confidence
  • accuracy of movements
  • stamina and strength
  • independence in movements


  • For all children  to have worked on foundation motor skills in reception on a daily basis
  • To make the programme fun, imaginative and enjoyable for both teachers and children
  • To provide a flexible, effective, age appropriate, easy to use programme that requires no equipment, training or specific environment
  • To produce a movement programme as a result of an evidenced based research project

The Benefits of Storycises ™

  • All Storycises™ are inclusive – all children can access this programme
  • The stories are fun and based on the natural stages of child development
  • Every movement has been planned to challenge children so that they progressively improve their skills
  • Storycises™ works on many levels; gross and fine motor skills, listening skills, vocabulary, visual and auditory processing, sequencing, motor planning, control and fluency, communication
  • Teachers can judge the mood or ability of the class and adapt the story to suit, for example language choice, repetition of exercise, making it easier or more challenging
  • Storycises™ is  portable and can be done anywhere
  • Storycises™ requires no equipment; all that’s needed some imagination and the stories can be delivered in a personal style
  • Storycises™ works with any number of children and can be used in class or for smaller intervention groups
  • Minimum preparation by teachers is required
  • Observation of the children’s progress can help teachers identify those who may need further intervention
  • Some stories include curriculum based subjects