Bitesize Storycise

Storycises™ ProgrammeFollowing on with our success with Storycises™, we have developed a resource for preschool children called ‘Bitesize Storycise™’. This works on children’s foundation skills for movement in a fun and imaginative way – there are three resources to introduce

Bitesize Booklet

The first is a booklet packed full of action mini stories which take only a couple of minutes to perform and which cover over twenty age appropriate topics, for example:

  • At the beach
  • Colours
  • Hospital
  • Days of the week
  • Dressing up box
  • Opposites
  • Walk in the forest
  • Weather
  • Shapes

Bitesize Pre-School Pack

Storycises™ ProgrammeThe second is a box full of index cards listing ideas for activities which give children the opportunity to practice foundation motor skills for movement. They are designed to be used in all early years settings as a pick up and go resource. All activities within the set are linked to the EYFS areas of learning and the reasons why these skills are important clearly explained.

The cards are grouped into 5 themes:

  • Songs
  • Circle time
  • Quiet time
  • Games
  • Outdoor activities

They are laminated, easy to wipe clean and can be photocopied to give to parents or carers if there are identified areas to improve.

My First Bitesize Storycises

The third resource is designed for babies and children who are practicing their early foundation motor skills.  The cards are grouped by position for play and as it progresses it gives practical ideas for helping a child to become a confident mover, practicing and consolidating early foundation skills for movement. The index card resources can be added together to create a library of activities for all pre-school children.