Welcome to Storycises

We have observed over the years the increasing number of children who are referred to us for paediatric physiotherapy who have difficulties with fine and gross motor skills. This observation prompted us to investigate why this may be, from a physical perspective.

Our clinical observations suggest that the children struggling with activities at school and learning often have gaps in their fundamental movement skills. 

We’ve had many discussions between colleagues in health, education and sport, who agree that the physical profile of children in the UK is rapidly changing.  This change of profile affects all levels of ability; from those who present with obvious difficulties through to children involved with sport at an elite level.

Some of the changes we have noted are increasingly poor stamina, hypermobility, lack of core stability, poor visual tracking, difficulty concentrating, the inability to sit still, problems with body organisation and coordination and reduced strength.  We believe these issues all have their basis in the lack fundamental movement skills. We accept that nutrition, environment and good sleep patterns also play their part.

We are aware there are already many movement programmes in existence; however none that we have found concentrate solely on the acquisition of all these early foundation movement skills.  Very few are timely enough to be considered true early intervention.

The aim of the project was to find a fun way for five year olds to have the skills they need to be able to be physically fit for school that was easy to fit into a busy school day.

 This programme of Storycises™ is the result of our research, our experience and our passion and we hope you have fun with it!

Wendy Joy        Jane Reynolds